green screen 

Place yourself on a planet of giant beach balls, in the middle of the desert or put yourself in your favourite sports arena. No matter where you want to go, our Green Screen feature can take you there. No transporters, hefty plane tickets or facility rental fees – good lighting and a little bit of magic will do the trick!


Have your guests tell a story in pictures with our Boomerang option. We’ll capture twelve still images in a sequence and animate them into a forever looping string of boomerang goodness. 

gif / GIF to print

You really want GIFs, but want your guests to have prints too. What to do, what to do? Don’t worry; we’ve totally got you covered! Upgrade to one of our Print Options, and our designers will create a print layout using one or all of the still images taken in the GIF sequence. Now you’ll have something super awesome to share online and put on your refrigerator, too.

CUSTOM overlays

Let’s get creative!   Send us your invitation, colour scheme and logo’s and let our in-house graphic designer design a 4x6 or 2x6 frame to compliment your event’s theme or style.  Your guests will get their selfie in a one of a kind frame that commemorates the good time they had at your event! 

gif with moving overlay

Selfies to social media

When you text or email your selfie, GIF or Boomerang to yourself, you’ll receive a link to a mini microsite so that you can post them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  So, let the Likes, Shares and Retweets commence!


Some clients will want to know the fine details post event.  How many people used the booth?  How many people shared their selfie? How many views, prints, downloads?  We can package this up in a bow with a secure link for you to analyze.

beautiful backdrops

Choose from our standard in-house backdrops (sparkly sequins, patterned and clean white) or upgrade to our Hedge Wall or Paper Flower Backdrop.

available options

Additional Hours

$100 per hour

Prints for each Person

$225 for up to 5 hours

Custom Backdrop

Starting at $300

Custom Props

Starting at $85


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